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The Basics

  1. What is Totally Tennyson?

    Totally Tennyson is an 70s-80s-90s-themed street crawl event style fundraiser celebrating all things from those decades. There will be hubs of activity all along the street where Sonny and Cher can enjoy food, drink, and music supplied by the generous Tennyson Street businesses while rubbing elbows with Richard Simmons and Nirvana. A cash costume contest and a performance by the Ultimate 80s Experience, 6 Million Dollar Band culminate the evening at the Oriental Theater.

    Funds raised benefit over 7,000 students in the northwest quadrant of Denver PUblic Schools.

  2. When and where?

    This event takes place at businesses along the Tennyson Street corridor between W 35th Ave and W 46th Ave, from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 29th, 2017. The Central Check In location may open earlier.

    Destinations will have various times of operation. Bands will be playing at different times, with the culmination being the 6MDB concert at the Oriental beginning at 9:00 pm, and playing a full set of your favorite 80s music.

    Stay tuned for the detailed program!

  3. How many people do you expect to attend?

    Approximately 1700 ticket purchasers will be supporting our public schools!

    Some folks only attend the restaurant tastings, some hang out solely at one or more hubs, and some come only for the concert. 

    You may notice that this is a little smaller than previous years' events. That's because we want to make the event more enjoyable for you! Fewer people means more elbow room, improved safety and crowd control, and an increased focus on our mission - fundraising for our local schools.

  4. Should I wear a costume?

    Like, fer sure! There will be a costume contest at the Oriental Theater with cash prizes awarded, and besides that, it's just plain fun.

    Costumes ARE optional, though, so you can come as you are or revisit a favorite outfit from the past.

    The three-decade span of the 1970s-80s-90s allow for spectacular people-watching.

  5. What can businesses and sponsors expect?

    Great visibility and marketing opportunities for their business and show of support for both the schools and the communities where they are located. Destination businesses can give out tastes of food or drink and offer specials to Totally Tennyson guests. They are also encouraged to give out return visit coupons. Sponsors are encouraged to offer special offers and do give-aways at Totally Tennyson in order to promote their business.

  6. How do I stay in touch?

    "Like" us on Facebook and sign up for our mailing list!

    Our mailing list will have discount coupon codes.

  7. What if it rains?

    This event is rain or shine! Last year, there was some snow and sleet and it didn't stop the fun whatsoever!

    Should there be a catastrophic event causing the event to be cancelled either tickets will be refunded or a new date scheduled, but it's highly unlikey so plan on April 29th 2017!

  8. Adults only or family friendly?

    The event is designed for adults. Children may attend, but will not receive complimentary offerings. Be aware that there will be substantially more people in the area than normal so please keep an eye on your children and that there will be limited space for strollers.

     At each business' discretion, entrance for minors may be limited based on age or capacity, but generally most are open to public as is the street. Optimal times for kids is 4pm until about 7pm; after that it becomes more of a bar scene.

  9. Costume Contest Categories

    2016 info follows. 2017 details to be announced soon!

    With $1,000 in cash prizes, you don't want to miss this!

    The top 3 in each of the following categories will be recognized:

    Best Woman

    Best Male

    Best Couple

    Best Group

    Check in between 5:30 and 7:00pm at the Oriental Theater, then come back for the contest at 8:00. We highly recommend that you come back by 7:45!

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  1. What does my ticket cover?

    From 4:00 - 10:00 pm, at participating destinations, you will receive a free taste of food, drink, prize or give-away, and/or entertainment. There will be tons of businesses also providing value items and discounts for purchases made by all event attendees.

    Your ticket gets you inside the hottest afterparty at the Oriental theater...  with the costume contest and headlining band, 6 Million Dollar Band, Denver's premier 80s cover band!

  2. What's the difference between the General Admission and VIP tickets?


    • Complementary food or beverage selections from a list of premiere destinations
    • Admission to the Oriental Theater Party/Concert
    • Complimentary activities throughout Tennyson Street
    • Special Menus/discounts for Ticket Holders


    • All of the perks of the general admission PLUS:
    • Balcony access at the Oriental Theater
    • VIP Line at the Oriental
    • Odell Brewing Co. - Sam's No. 3  VIP area at Local 46

    We have no ticketing fees - yay!


  3. Why are the prices set like this?

    First and foremost, this is a fundraiser. We're doing this to support our local schools. Colorado consistently ranks near the bottom for educational funding nation-wide. Combining that with the TABOR act and the negative factor, and our DPS kids are receiving the same amount of funding as they were 9 years ago, while all the while everything else is increasing in the cost of living. 

    We are comparably priced with similar fundraising events in Denver and nationwide.

    We raised our ticket prices in 2016 to allow schools to make their grant goals by selling fewer tickets, and the fewer attendees meany a more positive experience. Businesses were less crowded and provided a better experience to attendees. 

    The bottom line is that we want you to come and support our local schools, while making the FUN stand out in fundraiser.

    PLUS - we've eliminated ticketing fees of up to $2.50 per ticket. We hate extra fees, so this year they are on us again!

  4. Will call and check in at Historic Elitch Theater Carousel, located at 38th and Tennyson

    Event check in begins at 1:30 pm on the day of the event at the Historic Elitch Theater Carousel, located on the southwest corner of W 38th Ave and Tennyson Street. You will be required to check in at the event and get an official event ticket for entrance to concert and use at destinations and to receive your complimentary item.

    VIP ticket buyers can also check in at the Odell Brewing Co. - Sam's No. 3 Diner VIP Experience at Local 46, located at W 44th Ave and Tennyson Street.

    Reservations will be under the LAST NAME the reservation was made under.

    You may use any of the following to check in: A valid picture ID, printed Eventbrite ticket receipt, QR coded receipt or electronic receipt on your smartphone.

    You will also be asked to verify you are at least 21 years old with a valid and legal form of identification.

  5. Main Ticketing Check In, is this same as Will Call?

    Yes, it is! All ticket buyers need to go to the Historic Elitch Theater Carousel, located on the southwest corner of W 38th Ave and Tennyson Street, to get their official event punch ticket. We will have lots of staff to make this quick and easy plus you should check out the fun things to do at the while you're there. Check in starts at 1:30 pm and goes till 9pm at the park.

    VIP ticket buyers can also check in at the Odell Brewing Co. - Sam's No. 3 Diner VIP Experience at Local 46, located at W 44th Ave and Tennyson Street. 

  6. Are tickets refundable?

    Totally Tennyson 6 will be held rain, snow, or shine. 

    If you purchase a ticket, and cannot attend, we can TRANSFER your ticket to someone else. Send us an email at [email protected]

  7. Are tickets tax-deductible?

    The value of the 6MDB concert alone exceeds the face value of the ticket, so you may not take this as a charitable contribution.

    Add in the food and drink portions you receive, and you're getting a heck of a deal. 

    THANK YOU for supporting NW Denver schools!

  8. I can't go and need to transfer my tickets - what do I do?

    You received an email confirmation with your online purchase you may:

    • send this email to the person you are transfering your ticket to
    • print out the attached PDF and the new guest may take that to a check in location
    • you may go to check in and give the original purchasers name
    Only one ticket will be issued per reservation so be sure you intend to tranfer your ticket or we can't help you once we are sold out.
  9. Online ticket purchase and official punch ticket - I'm confused?!

    While we wish Eventbrite could send you our custom punch tickets to print and bring to the event, they can't. Bummer! So you purchased the e-ticket online, and now we need you to go to the Central Check In station and exchange your electronic confirmation (on phone, printed out or give us your name and ID) and we will get you your punch ticket ASAP! We have dozens of trained volunteers to assist, will most likely offer early check in at 1:30 again, and have a very efficient system to get you and your posse on your way as quickly as possible. We can't wait till the day this is a bit easier - so for now we appreciate your patience! Have a fun and safe event!

    WILL CALL TIMES and LOCATIONS can be found here:



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Code of Conduct

  1. Be safe!

    You must be 21 or over to consume alcohol.

    Alcohol must be served and consumed on site of legal and licensed locations and will be served at the discretion of the location. We do not advocate excessive drinking and strongly encourage moderation and safe practices.

    Anyone exhibiting disorderly conduct, drunken behavior, public urination or vandalism will be asked to leave the event immediately. Port o potties will be stationed throughout the event; please USE them.

    Look for safe ride home options, pedicabs, buses, and taxis at the event. Be responsible and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

  2. Your Friendly Waitstaff - please tip them!

    We want you to respect the small business restaurant, bar owners, servers, bartenders and wait staff - these are our neighbors too!

    While there are many complimentary options included in your event ticket - please purchase items at locations you really enjoy, tip tip tip, and return to some of these businesses at least one time before next year's event!

  3. Photo release

    By purchasing  tickets you agree to the terms listed on this page,and authorize us (the event) to use to publish, copy, print, copyright or electronically transfer any or all photographs, video, or audio clips taken by an authorized event photographer for use after this event. You may contact us to request removal; please allow 30 days for us to comply with your request.

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We Benefit Local Schools

  1. Eligible Schools

    Schools eligible to participate in the Totally Tennyson fundraiser fit into these categories:

    • Schools MUST be in the Denver Public Schools district.
    • Eligible schools are permanently located within the historic boundaries of Northwest Denver: north of Colfax, east of Sheridan, south of 52nd and west of I-25.
    • Eligible schools typically fall within the North High School Feeder pattern and/or have at least 40% of enrolled families residing within the above boundary.

    We support our neighborhood kids' schools. 

    In 2017, 18 schools  will be receiving financial support from Totally Tennyson. That's almost 7700 students!


  2. How do these schools participate and receive money?

    We know schools can always se extra money, so we contact the principals of our eligible schools in January. 

     A few Point of Contact people are requested to disseminate information to their schools. Volunteers are required for the day of the event from each school.  Schools direct purchasers to the event website to buy tickets, where buyers can select any school to receive 100% of the ticket cost. Tickets purchased online with no school affiliation have the majority of funds placed into a grant funding pot. Grant funds are released after the event to each school via a formula taking into account school demographics like percent of Free and Reduced Lunch students, number of students, percent of neighborhood children attending, and volunteer assistance to the event.

    Schools are also offered the chance to have a booth at the event for a performance, outreach, or to sell water as a fundraiser for that school.

    Following the event, we divide up the funds and disburse them to the schools. Many school administrators work with parent groups (PTO/A) to decide how to spend the funds.

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Info for Businesses and Sponsors

  1. How do we become involved?

    Our producers are more than happy to help.

    To become a sponsor, please contact [email protected]

    To become a destination, please contact [email protected]

  2. How to promote your business/group if you are not located on Tennyson

    For full details, please contact [email protected]

    We have two primary options for you to promote your business or group at our event.

  3. Can my dispensary participate?

    At this time, Hoopla Inc is not accepting applications for destinations, sponsorship, or booths from marijuana dispensaries due to the federal regulations regarding finances and the FDIC.

  4. Is my payment tax-deductible?

    Money paid to Hoopla to participate in this event on behalf of Destinations, Sponsors, and Booths goes towards the operating budget to put on the event. This money does not go towards schools or our non-profit partner. These funds are not tax-deductible.

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About Us

  1. Totally Tennyson and Hoopla Inc.

    Totally Tennyson is both a fun neighborhood event and area school fundraiser. The vision of Totally Tennyson is a community event to combine fun, community and fundraising for our schools in our fantastic neighborhood full of great, local businesses. The event is owned and operated by Hoopla Inc. and monies raised through ticket sales benefit area schools. Hoopla Inc. partners with local non-profit, The Denver Public Schools Foundation, which distributes monies raised to area schools through both project grants and direct donations. Hoopla Inc. also works with Tennyson Street businesses to provide destinations and food/drink/fun offerings on the night of the event, annually on the last Saturday in April.

    Totally Tennyson began as a concept for a fun street party organized by local mothers in NW Denver. As popularity grew for this style of event monies raised quickly exceeded at first $10,000, then $20,000, then $40,000, and in 2014 over $52,000. 2015 saw us break the $60k boundary with a record-setting $62,267.

    Hoopla Inc. is an S Corporation specializing in event coordination located in NW Denver. Totally Tennyson is a registered trade name owned by Hoopla Inc.

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Our History

  1. 2016

    In our 6th year, we expanded to support 18 neighborhood schools! Snow and bitter cold couldn't stop the party!

    We refocused our efforts on highlighting more substantial offerings for our ticket holders and creating a VIP experience for those who are seeking extra special treatment. The Oriental Theater hosted a block party out front on the street this year with festival style live music.  Local 46 continued to celebrates it's anniversary with the best beer garden party and new this year the O'dell's tasting lounge exclusively for VIPs. We beefed up security for the safety of our guests while keeping the fun party vibe everyone loves. Theme continued to be '70s - '80s - '90s, the better costumes - the more fun!

  2. 2015

    2015 went down as worthy of its half-decade legacy. The event supported 15 schools in the neighborhood, and we raised over $60,000 between them.  A streamlined grant process will more adequately reflect the needs of individual schools. Out new non-profit fiscal partner is the Denver Public Schools foundation.

    As we grow up, we are expanding into 70s and 90s to offer a variety of entertainment and costume choices. 

  3. 2014

     6 Million Dollar Band returned for a longer and earlier set time. Two of our original producers retired, happy to attend the event as guests. Hoopla Inc., the production company formed by one of the original producers contracted with some local community members to assist in executing the bulk of planning and coordinating. We wer excited to offer this part-time employment opportunity within our community. We restructured how the schools participate and interact with our planning, allowing schools to directly sell their own tickets, keeping 100% of the proceeds, and eliminated the tedious and time consuming meetings.Highlights of 2014: we raised over $52,000, and awarded over $1000 cash in costume contest prizes across 4 categories. 15 schools participated, our largest school range yet. Over 2000 tickets were sold, most to returning guests, who pertied at four hubs of activities and entertainment. Gordan Gano, the celebrated vocalist of 80s fave Violent Femmes, sang with and played his fiddle with the Dirty Femmes tribute band. We enjoyed a return of the Westwood Street Team and multimedia recognition. 

  4. 2013

    This year's Tt was bigger and more successful! We raised a staggering $46,000, introduced a silent auction managed by Invest Together and although we added more schools, each of the 14 participating schools received a record breaking sum of $2700.00. International Cheese Corporation, Leprino Foods, headquartered here in NW Denver, sponsored the event at a headlining level, while 9 News became our top media sponsor. 6 Million Dollar Band, a premier Colorado 80s’ cover band, agreed to play at the Oriental Theater, drawing hundreds more to the event. We also got the attention of Westword which supported the event with promotional assistance.

  5. 2012

    Despite a tough summer of extended construction and missed deadlines, and the effects of the economic turn-down hitting our cherished neighborhood, Tennyson Street was experiencing a resurgence with new businesses opening monthly and several scheduling their grand opening with our event. This year also brought a partnership with new, local non-profit, Invest Together, a 501(3)c non-profit that operates under Earth Force, a National non-profit youth organization that empowers kids to help solve local environmental problems. We also had our first corporate sponsor, Leprino Foods, a global food company headquartered right on 38th Avenue in Denver. Totally Tennyson was well-known, and was an even bigger and better success with over 1400 attendees. $30,000 was raised and this time Totally Tennyson was able to support 12 schools in North West Denver, including middle and high schools. Tennyson Street businesses continue to enjoy the influx of new customers and event attendees are thrilled to have an easy and walkable way to support schools and local businesses alike. We began to also draw guests from outside of our neighborhood and show them the tasty, unique and delightful offerings of Tennyson Street and to have schools benefit through a fundraising event that is unlike any typical school fundraising event.

  6. 2011

    The founders set off to Tennyson Street to create a larger, longer, and more encompassing event, bringing attention to this thriving business improvement district on the eve of major street construction and closures scheduled for the summer of 2012. The schools in the area were once again contacted and this time eight signed on and organized a one-of-a-kind, ‘80s-themed event on Tennyson Street called Totally Tennyson. One founder said “if we sell 1,000 tickets we’ll raise over $20,000” and everyone laughed and thought she was crazy. This event was a pub-crawl that went “back to the future,” and ticket holders were all about break dancing, glam rock, jazzercise, and neon fishnet stockings. The ‘80s never saw a better party! 1041 ticket sales later and over $21,000 raised we knew this team was on target and we had a loyal following and started planning the 2012 event almost immediately. With new logistics such as IRS reporting, insurance, and liability required, a restructure was needed to address staffing, the event, and the method by which schools received funds.

  7. 2010

    The seeds of this great endeavor were planted in 2010, in nearby Highlands Square, longing for a fundraiser that was actually FUN, a group of neighborhood moms, who called themselves the Giving Gals, organized a luau-themed event called the Hawaiian Highlands Pub Crawl with ticket sales supporting schools in the area as well as showcasing local businesses. Elementary schools in the area were invited to participate by sending a volunteer to meetings to help organize the event and four schools joined in. The goal was set to sell 250 tickets at $20 each. The event was extremely well-attended with over 600 tickets sold, raising over $12,000. This money was divided equally among the four participating schools, and word of mouth spread throughout the neighborhood. Soon, businesses on Tennyson Street were asking when we would organize a similar event for them.

  8. 2017 - The Seven Year Sich

    Wow! Seven great years!

    We're shaking things up with a new Executive Producer infusing some fresh new ideas. 

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